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I've had the amazing opportunity to experience living in six different states across the US over the years. I spent my earlier years growing up on Long Island, NY, then a majority of the next chapter in central and southern Florida. My adventure has lead me to several locations across the country, battling out mother nature in all aspects of her amazing powers (blizzards, ice storms, heat waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires and earthquakes). I am currently living in sunny southern California, raising my three kiddos.

A creative creature by habit, I have spent a majority of my career in marketing and graphic design. How many people do you know get to say they were a Marketing Director for a local craft brewery? The best part of that position, was of course the occasional morning taste testing sessions with our awesome brewers (don't judge, as I had to know how best to market the new styles we were putting out into market). 

I am a total book nerd for contemporary romance, romance comedies, and mysteries, but only in paperback format for this girl. There's just something about the feel of a book in your hands and the smell of paper that keeps me partial. My passion for reading is where my journey of writing all began. After reading over 130 novels in one year, it inspired me to pursue a new creative outlet. The thought of developing my own characters and planning out stories that others could experience and enjoy brought a whole new excitement to my new career. 


After spending a couple of months daydreaming, plotting and researching, I sat down at my desk and began writing my debut novel "Brilliantly Beautiful". It is a contemporary romance filled with emotion, laughter and flirtatious fun!  


When I'm not jamming out to my favorite playlists of all types of genres, and writing novels, I am also a photographer (check out my website here: Some of my other favorite pastimes are spending time with my kiddos, enjoying all things beach related, sports fishing, hiking, running marathons, baking, art, and being a Cub Scout Leader.  

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